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Versatile PhD Monthly Message

Hi there,

Paula Chambers here from Versatile PhD. I hope you are well.

This month I want to focus your attention on two extremely useful Search features on the site:

PhD Career Finder Search: The Career Finder has hundreds of real-life examples of PhDs who have successfully gone into great non-academic careers. You can search these examples by discipline, by career, and by jobs or roles. Tip: to see examples with resumes and cover letters included, search for “hired.” If you’re interested in examples of how a new career choice has worked out over time, run a search for “becomes.”

VPhD Member Power Search: Have you ever wished you could talk with a PhD working in a certain non-academic or non-faculty career? You can find them with Power Search. Use the options to narrow our 75,000+ members way down, then read their profiles to identify which ones you really want to talk to. You can reach out to them with a private message from their profile.

Have your VPhD username and password handy when you click on either of the links above.

The more you use the site, the more you will benefit!

Rooting for you,