STEM PhDs in Think Tanks, Call for Authors

Versatile PhD Monthly Message

O Versatile Ones,

Spring has sprung! As temperatures warm up, we hope your non-academic career explorations are warming up too. Maybe this will help:

“PhD Careers in Think Tanks” (STEM edition) will be discussed this week in the STEM forum. Five great panelists, all STEM PhDs working in various different think tanks (non-academic research organizations), will discuss their work and answer your questions. Go here for more details. Even if you are not in STEM, if think tanks interest you, follow this discussion anyway because you will learn a lot about that world and make some new friends besides.

Call for Authors: I am looking for PhDs and ABDs working in non-academic careers who might consider writing about their post-PhD journeys for Versatile PhD. This year’s wish list focuses on…

Humanities and qualitative Social Science folks employed in the following careers:

  • Foreign Language Translation
  • Program Evaluation
  • Law (not limited to attorneys)
  • Marketing
  • Institutional Research
  • Policy or Think Tanks
  • Writing

…and STEM folks working in these careers:

  • Conservation
  • Industry other than Biotech
  • Science Policy or Think Tanks
  • Patent Law
  • E-Learning and Instructional Design
  • Marketing
  • University Administration
  • K-12 teaching

If you see yourself or someone you know on that list, please kindly send me your/their LinkedIn profile so I can learn more. Email paula at versatilephd dot com.

Keep exploring and keep meeting new people! Tell everyone you know about what you are looking for. You just might get it.

Your loving founder,

Paula Chambers