Science Olympiad Event – needs volunteers

On behalf of Rice University’s chapter of the Science Olympiad Alumni Association, we request your support for our upcoming tournament on November 12. This will involve either writing the tests or coming on campus on the day of the tournament and proctor them, or both. We believe that you will be an inspiration for students to continue pursuing careers in STEM, as well as develop interest in coming to Rice University. We greatly appreciate any help you can provide. Please email us before October 1, 2016 at ricesoaa to indicate if you can write tests (prior to 11/12) or proctor (on 11/12), or both.

Science Olympiad is a non-profit organization that seeks to improve science education among K-12 students by hosting the most prestigious science competition in the nation. The Science Olympiad Alumni Association is a student organization that seeks to render STEM subjects as an accessible and inviting field to high school students. Our leaders have previously participated, enjoyed, and learned from Science Olympiad and would like to give back to the scientific community by hosting our own Science Olympiad invitational tournament at Rice University. This tournament will be attended by schools from the Houston area and teams from the entire nation.

More information can also be found these websites: . A list of events we are going to host and brief description for each event can be found on the bottom of this email.

Thanks so much for your time,

The Science Olympiad Alumni Association
Felix Wu