Versatile PhD: Online panel happening NOW: Careers in Technical Writing

Humanities and Social Science Graduate Students and Postdocs:

Panel this week at Versatile PhD: Careers in Technical Writing. Panelists:

• A Chinese Religions ABD who managed translation and localization for a tech company doing business in China and is now Technical Communicator at business software company

• A Cultural Studies PhD who adjuncted for two years and then switched to technical writing, currently working as Technical Writer at a health care software company

• A Philosophy of Education PhD with a long history in different technical writing roles, currently working as Lead Technical Writer at a major Canadian online retailer

• A recent Comparative Literature PhD who jumped directly from graduation into her current position as Technical Writer at a business software company that serves law firms specifically

• A recent English PhD who freelanced as a technical and medical writer during grad school and is now Technical Writer at a well-known consumer goods retailer

Discussion continues through Friday, March 18. Read and participate directly on the site, or get email notifications. OK to invite friends; anyone may register on VPhD for free and enjoy this great web-based discussion. Threaded discussion board format; participate anytime during the week.

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People like you have said:

“VPhD is a great resource for those exploring non-academic jobs. With regular panels on non-academic careers, a very active forum discussing important matters in a very collegial manner and a website full of resources, VPhD makes me feel part of a community. I don’t feel lonely anymore.”

“The panels are terrific! I could spend the whole day reading them. It makes me feel not so alone in my non-academic job search.”

“The panel discussions bring in people I would never have found on my own. Hearing about different pathways to an alt-ac career narrated by smart, empathetic and compassionate individuals has been infinitely encouraging when making the difficult transition out of the academy.”