vphd monthly Careers in Software Development, and Looking for You

Versatile PhD Monthly Message

Hello Versatile Ones,

We hope you are making progress towards all of your goals, including nonacademic goals.

Next week (Feb 22-26) in the STEM forum, learn about Careers in Software Development from seven great panelists, all STEM PhDs working in software, yet in different kinds of companies (not just software companies) and in a surprising variety of different roles. More: http://vphd.info/1Q4Zk9r

Versatile PhD is looking for PhDs and ABDs who might be willing to write about their experiences transitioning into non-academic careers. Are you working in any of these fields?

Looking for Humanities & Social Science PhDs currently working in:

PUBLISHING (all roles, not just editor; need educational and trade publishing as well as academic)
E-LEARNING & INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN (all roles needed, whether new to field or been in it for a long time)
CONSULTING (management consulting or higher ed consulting; post-2013 hires especially needed)
LAW (including roles that do not require law school, such as paralegal; post-2013 hires especially needed)
PROGRAM EVALUATION (coming from any discipline other than Program Evaluation; post-2013 hires especially needed)
RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION (post-2013 hires especially needed)

Looking for STEM PhDs currently working in:

ENTREPRENEURSHIP OR STARTUPS (post-2013 hires especially needed)
E-LEARNING & INSTRUCTIONAL DESIGN (post-2013 hires especially needed)
INDUSTRY (whether you are new to industry or been in it a long time)
TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER (pre-2010 hires especially needed)
PATENT LAW (all roles, including roles not requiring law school; whether you are new to patent law or been in it a long time)
K-12 TEACHING (public, private, charter schools; post-2013 hires especially needed)
MARKETING (post-2013 hires especially needed)
RESEARCH ADMINISTRATION (all settings – academic, government and elsewhere; post-2013 hires especially needed)

If you see yourself in that wish list and you might be willing to write about your experiences for the Versatile PhD audience, awesome, please kindly email me your LinkedIn profile: paula@versatilephd.com All messages will be gratefully acknowledged, even if you are not invited to write.

Looking forward to hearing from some of you, I remain

Your Loving Founder,

Paula Chambers