Versatile PhD Online panel discussion: Careers in Software Development (2/22-2/26)

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STEM Postdocs:

Versatile PhD will host a free virtual panel discussion on Careers in Software Development, February 22-26. Panelists:

  • An Applied Mathematics PhD who has worked in software development for many years as a developer and Team Lead, and is now Technical Project Manager at a legal software company
  • A Biophysics PhD who is a Scientific Software Developer at a mathematical computing software company
  • A Genetics PhD who does Business Development, Sales Engineering, and Technical Account Management at an enterprise software company while also adjuncting on the side
  • An Applied Mathematics PhD who adjuncted briefly before becoming a Software Developer at General Motors

More information here:

You can interact with panelists throughout the week on the site, or follow the discussion via email. All questions welcome, from the most general to the very specific.

People like you have said:

“VPhD is a great resource for those exploring non-academic jobs. With regular panels on non-academic careers, a very active forum discussing important matters in a very collegial manner and a website full of resources, VPhD makes me feel part of a community. I don’t feel lonely anymore.”

“The panels are terrific! I could spend the whole day reading them. It makes me feel not so alone in my non-academic job search.”

“The panel discussions bring in people I would never have found on my own. Hearing about different pathways to an alt-ac career narrated by smart, empathetic and compassionate individuals has been infinitely encouraging when making the difficult transition out of the academy.”