Online panel happening NOW: Careers in Business

Humanities and Social Science Graduate Students and Postdocs:

Panel this week on Versatile PhD: Careers in Business. Panelists:

· An English PhD who went into training, learning and development in the corporate sphere and is now Senior Director, Leadership and Organizational Development for 7-Eleven

· A Communication Studies PhD who went into consulting, then sales, and is now Sales Strategy and Development Leader at PricewaterhouseCoopers

· A recent English and American Literature PhD (2011) who left adjuncting to join the Internal Communications Team at Nestle Purina Petcare

· A History and Philosophy of Science PhD who after a few years as postdoc and adjunct, got into market entry planning and is now Partner in a consulting firm that focuses on the U.S. renewable energy market

Discussion continues through Friday, January 29. Read and participate directly on the site, or get email notifications. OK to invite friends; anyone may register on VPhD for free and enjoy this great web-based discussion. Threaded discussion board format; participate anytime during the week.

Get started at our VPhD access portal: Once you reach VPhD, sign in and find the discussion in the Humanities/Social Science forum.

People like you have said:

“VPhD is a great resource for those exploring non-academic jobs. With regular panels on non-academic careers, a very active forum discussing important matters in a very collegial manner and a website full of resources, VPhD makes me feel part of a community. I don’t feel lonely anymore.”

“The panels are terrific! I could spend the whole day reading them. It makes me feel not so alone in my non-academic job search.”

“The panel discussions bring in people I would never have found on my own. Hearing about different pathways to an alt-ac career narrated by smart, empathetic and compassionate individuals has been infinitely encouraging when making the difficult transition out of the academy.”